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I'm Adam Pollock, and this is my personal website.

I work as a candidate -- that's psychoanalyst talk for a psychoanalyst in training -- at the CMPS Consultation and Referral Service, and as tech director at Infinia Group.


I started in IT in 1997, after graduating from Bard College, and finiding myself at loose ends with a literature degree and little sense of direction. I've worked for large not-for-profits, small creative firms, and much else in between, at first mostly on Windows, then mostly on Macs. It's been more than twenty years now, so I must know something about it.


I got involved in psychoanalysis in 2011, first as a patient. I'd tried different therapies and medications before, but nothing really stuck. Whether because of the technique, or my readiness to accept it, this did. I began analytic training, first taking a Master's, and then working towards clinical certification in New York. I'm glad to have found something I can age into, rather than out of, that puts all my mind and experience to good use. I love working with patients. I'm often amazed that I get to do and say that.


I love the bike, as transportation, recreation, and machine. Other than maybe the pencil or pen, and the cookpot, I can't think of another physical human creation that has been a less ambiguous good. I'm fortunate to be rich in bikes and opportunities to ride them.


Here are some books I'm currently reading:


Here are some places where I can be found online. I'm adamdoesit pretty much everywhere, so it's not like you couldn't guess. Or, email me.


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The privacy statement for this website is linked here. TL;DR: I don't collect any information on visitors to this site -- nope, not even Google Analytics -- beyond that furnished automatically by web server logs. I'm probably not even checking those, unless something breaks.

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